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One of the benefits to starting a successful real estate investment business revolves around finding the right surroundings.

The idea from long ago was that you could take the average income of your 5 friends and that’s where you’d find your income.

The idea of finding like-minded individuals looking for the common good will not only help you but can helpĀ  your business become profitable.

Here’s how.

First, these are people that are in your local market that you can sell your deals to.

One of the things most struggle with is getting deals.

By becoming someone that focuses solely on getting the deals, you can flip the house taking the profits of what you sell vs what you buy.

This is often referred to as wholesaling and its one of the best ways you can get started investing in real estate.

Secondly, if you’re strapped on time, you can use these to find deals.

Just as I mentioned earlier, there’s guys that have more time that are willing to beat the bushes to find more deals.

If you’re wondering if an investment club is for you, then watch the video after a real meetup.

If you start getting involved, I believe you’ll find the overall experience a positive.

So, to get started, search for clubs in your area here.

If you don’t find an investment club, then consider starting one right away.

If you’re just getting started your club can be created virtually then migrate over to an in person meetup.